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Calling Microsoft Graph REST API via the "HTTP Make a OAuth 2.0 request" module

This is a step-by-step guide on calling the Microsoft Graph REST API from Ibexa Connect:

  1. In Ibexa Connect dashboard, go to Create a new scenario.

  2. Insert the HTTP > Make a OAuth 2.0 request module.

  3. Open the module's configuration and click Add next to the Connection field to create a new connection.

  4. Fill the connection setup as follows:

    Authorize URI
    Token URI
  5. Open the Microsoft Application Registration Portal in a new tab/window and log in with your Microsoft account.

  6. Click New registration or select existing MS Azure app.

  7. Enter a name (e.g. My Ibexa Connect app).

  8. Enter in the Redirect URLs field.



    Notice that the redirect URI starts with instead of This is currently a known issue in Ibexa Connect.

    You can trust this URL as much as any Ibexa Connect URL.

    Please make sure all your OAuth redirect URIs point to

  9. Click Register.

  10. In Properties, copy the Application Id. Switch to Ibexa Connect and paste it into the Client ID field.

  11. Switch back to the Application Registration Portal.

  12. In Certificates & Secrets, click New Client Secret.



  13. Copy the generated token Value. Switch to Ibexa Connect, and paste it into the Client Secret field.

  14. Switch back to the Application Registration Portal.

  15. In Overview section click API Permissions OR select API permission section. Click Add a Permission.


  16. Select Delegated permissions and enable the required permissions (refer to the Microsoft Graph permissions reference for further details). Start with Offline_access and openid scopes they are required.


    Then add additional needed in your integrations for example:

    User.Read, Files.ReadWrite.All.

  17. Click Add Permissions at the bottom of the page.

  18. Switch to Ibexa Connect.

  19. Add the scopes you added in the previous step into the Scope field.


  20. Tick Show advanced settings.

  21. Set Scope separator to SPACE.

  22. Add additional Authorize parameters as shown below:


  23. Add the same scopes space separated to Refresh Token parameters. Create a new scope parameter for it:


  24. The connection setup should look like this:



  25. Click Continue.

  26. A window pops up. Review the permissions and click Accept.


  27. The connection is successfully created.

  28. You can try to perform a test GET call to

  29. Configure the module to make an API call (see Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0 reference for further details).