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With the Google Ads Lead Forms modules, you can watch lead forms in your Google Ads Lead Forms account.

To get started with Google Ads Lead Forms create an account at


The module dialog fields that are displayed in bold (in the Ibexa Connect scenario, not in this documentation article) are mandatory!


Some adblocking browser plugins could block the Google Ads Lead Forms module. It is recommended to disable the plugins if you encounter a problem loading a module.

Connecting Google Ads Lead Forms to Ibexa Connect

  1. Log in to your Google Ads Lead Forms account.

  2. On the top-right corner of the page, copy the Customer ID to your clipboard.


  3. Log in to your Ibexa Connect and add a module from the Google Ads Lead Forms into a Ibexa Connect scenario.

  4. Click Add next to the Connection field.


  5. In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  6. In the Customer ID field enter the customer ID copied in step 2. Click Continue.

  7. Confirm the dialog by clicking Continue.

You have successfully connected Google Ads Lead Forms app with Ibexa Connect and can now build scenarios.


You can watch the lead forms using the following module.

Watch Lead Forms

Triggers when a lead is created from lead form extension.

Webhook Name Enter a name for the webhook.
Account/Customer ID Select or map the Account/Customer ID whose lead forms you want to watch.
Lead Form ID Select or map the Lead Form ID you want to watch.