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Ibexa Connect use cases

Use these examples to prompt ideas on how you can use the Ibexa Connect in your organisation.

Publish to social media

An Ibexa Connect scenario can detect when new content is published and immediately create a new post on media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. A scenario can define which parts of the original publication will be used to construct the post, depending on each social media outlet’s demands. You can also apply filters to the flow to control which media account is used in what case. For example, the same scenario can push images and articles to Facebook, but upload images only to Pinterest.

Publish to social media

Manage work by external contributors

By linking Ibexa DXP to a file storage service (such as, for example, Dropbox), you can create an environment for managing assets. This can come especially useful when you work with external contributors who provide assets such as images, photos or videos, but who don’t have access to the editorial Back Office of Ibexa DXP.

In such a scenario a file storage folder is synchronized with a selected location in Ibexa DXP. External contributors upload their work to that folder, which is then periodically checked by Ibexa Connect.

Connect to Dropbox

If it discovers newly uploaded assets, new Content items are created in Ibexa DXP’s repository.

Revers connection to Dropbox

Use Salesforce records to create users

By linking Ibexa DXP to a CRM such as Salesforce, you can automate creation of user records. To do this, create a sign-up form in Ibexa DXP and receive its submissions in Ibexa Connect. You can then check whether an account already exists in Salesforce, and if it doesn’t, create a new record. You can also add a step to send a notification about the new account using a selected communication tool, for example Slack.

Create users