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The ZeroBounce modules allow you to retrieve API usage and credit balances, or validate emails in your ZeroBounce account.

Getting Started with ZeroBounce


  • A ZeroBounce account

In order to use ZeroBounce with Ibexa Connect, it is necessary to have a ZeroBounce account. If you do not have one, you can create a ZeroBounce account at

Connecting ZeroBounce to Ibexa Connect

To connect your ZeroBounce account to Ibexa Connect you need to obtain the API key from your ZeroBounce account.

1. Log in to your ZeroBounce account.

2. Open the API - Keys & Info from the menu on the left.


3. Click the Configure button in the Your API Key section.


4. Copy the provided API Key.


5. Go to Ibexa Connect and open the ZeroBounce module's Create a connection dialog.

6. Enter the API Key you have copied in step 4 to the respective field and click the Continue button to establish the connection.


Get API Usage

Retrieves API usage statistics.

Start Date Enter the start date of when you want to view API usage statistics. the list of supported date and time formats.
End Date Enter the end date of when you want to view API usage statistics. the list of supported date and time formats.

Get Credit Balance

Gets your credit – available e-mail validations.

Validate Emails

Validates an email address.

The module requires that you have an active credit balance and will never consume a credit for any unknown result.

Email address Enter the email address you want to validate.
IP Address Enter the IP Address the email signed up from.

Make an API Call

Allows you to perform a custom API call.


Enter a path relative to E.g. /v2/getcredits

For the list of available endpoints, refer to the ZeroBounce API Documentation.


Select the HTTP method you want to use:

GETto retrieve information for an entry.

POSTto create a new entry.

PUTto update/replace an existing entry.

PATCHto make a partial entry update.

DELETEto delete an entry.


Enter the desired request headers. You don't have to add authorization headers; we already did that for you.

Query String

Enter the request query string.


Enter the body content for your API call.

Example of Use - Validate Email

The following API validates a specified email:



Query String:




Enter the email you want to validate.


ip_address (The IP Address the email signed up from (can be blank, but parameter required))


The field left blank.


Validated email address details can be found in the module's Output under Bundle > Body: