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With DHL modules in Ibexa Connect, you can track shipments in your DHL account and make API calls

To get started with DHL, create an account at

Connecting DHL to Ibexa Connect

To make a connection, you need to obtain an API key by creating an app in your DHL account.

  1. Log in to your DHL developers account.

  2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner to take you to the user dashboard.

  3. Click Create App.


  4. Give your new app a name.

  5. Select the APIs you want to use. The APIs you need to select to use all the DHL modules in Ibexa Connect are:

    • Shipment Status (DHL Global Forwarding)

    • Shipment Tracking (DHL Global Forwarding)

    • Shipment Tracking (Unified)

    For each API selected, click the plus sign under Add to app to enable the API.

  6. Once you have selected al the necessary APIs, click Create App.

  7. Select your newly created app from the list.

  8. Next to API key, click Show key and copy the API key to your clipboard.


  9. Go to your Ibexa Connect scenario and select the DHL module you want to use.

  10. Under Connection, click Add.

  11. Give your new connection a name.

  12. Paste the API key in the filed below.

  13. Click Save.

You have successfully established the connection.

Shipment Trackings

Track a Shipment (Unified)

Retrieves up-to-the-minute shipment status report.

Tracking number

Enter the tracking number of the shipment for which to return the information.


Select which service (provider) should be used to resolve the tracking number.

  • Express

  • Parcel-DE

  • eCommerce

  • DGF

  • Parcel-UK

  • Post-DE

  • Sameday

  • Freight

  • Parcel-NL

  • Parcel-PL

  • DSC

Requester Country Code

Select the country of the consumer of the API response.

Origin Country Code

Select the country of the shipment origin.

Recipient Postal Code

Enter the postal code of the destination address.


Enter the language code for the response. For example: en.


Enter the maximum number of results Ibexa Connect returns during one scenario execution cycle.

Track a Shipment (DHL Global Forwarding)

Retrieves shipment information by shipment house bill number.

House Bill Enter the house bill number of the shipment you want to track.

Get a House Bill Number

Retrieves a house bill number.

Search Type

Specify one of the supported search-types.

  • Customer Reference

  • Masterbill

  • Container Number


Enter a value.

Shipment Statuses

Get a Shipment Status

Retrieves shipment status information by shipment's house bill number.

House Bill Enter the house bill number of the shipment you want to get a status for.