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Zoho CRM (legacy)


This is a documentation of the legacy Zoho CRM (legacy) app. Here is a documentation of the new Zoho CRM app.

Getting started with Zoho CRM

To use any of the above modules, you need to have Zoho CRM accessible from the Internet and a Zoho CRM account. If you do not have Zoho CRM that is publicly accessible or you do not have a Zoho CRM account, then contact your system administrator or Zoho CRM administrator.

Connecting Zoho CRM to Ibexa Connect

To connect your Zoho CRM account to Ibexa Connect, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. You have to specify your Zoho CRM username and application-specific password. Follow these steps to obtain the application specific password.

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM

  2. Open

  3. In the Zoho Accounts Home page, click Two Factor Authentication If you don't have Two Factor Authentication enabled - please enable it. It is required for Application Specific Passwords to work.

  4. In the Two Factor Authentication page, click Manage Application Specific Passwords

  5. In the Application Specific Passwords pop-up, do the following:

    a. In the Device or App Name field enter Ibexa Connect

    b. Enter the current password

    c. Click Generate and you will receive the new application-specific password with spaces.

  6. Remove the spaces in the password and paste it into the password field in Ibexa Connect

After you click the Continue button, Ibexa Connect will validate the connection and you can continue creating your scenario.


Insert products into invoice

Module: "Create object"

XML Data:


<row no="1">

...all other invoice attributes...

<FL val="Product Details">

<product no="1">

<FL val="Product Id">___your_zoho_productId___</FL>

<FL val="Product Name">___your_zoho_product_name___</FL>

<FL val="Quantity">1</FL>

<FL val="List Price">1.00</FL>

<FL val="Discount">0</FL>

<FL val="Total">1.00</FL>

<FL val="Total After Discount">1.00</FL>

<FL val="Tax">0</FL>

<FL val="Net Total">1.00</FL>



...any other invoice attributes...



More examples can be found here.