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The Reddit modules allow you to monitor, submit, and retrieve the new links, comments, posts, and subreddits in your Reddit account.

Getting started with Reddit


Connecting Reddit to Ibexa Connect

To connect your Reddit account to Ibexa Connect, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. Click the Continue button. Ibexa Connect will redirect you to the Reddit website and you will be prompted to grant Ibexa Connect access to your account.


Allow access by clicking the Allow button. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to the Ibexa Connect administration. Now you can continue and finish your scenario.

Generating your own Client ID and Client Secret values

When creating a connection, you can display the advanced options and you will be requested to enter your Client ID and Client Secret. To get these values, you need to register your application (Ibexa Connect) under your user settings in the Reddit.

  1. Go to Click the create another app button.


  2. Fill out the form and enter in the redirect uri field.

  3. Click create app.


You can see your new application in the list where you can click the edit button.


Now you can read your Client ID and Client Secret.


Copy these values to Ibexa Connect and click the Continue(Save) button.