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Connect to Ibexa Connect

To plug in your Ibexa DXP instance to use with Ibexa Connect, you need to create a connection.

You connect a new Ibexa DXP instance when you create scenario that uses it.

Create a connection

  1. Select the Ibexa DXP app and choose one of the available modules.
  2. In the Connection drop-down you can either select an existing connection, or click Add to create a new one. Click Add.
  3. In the Create a connection modal, fill in the following information:

    • Connection name - a custom name you will use for this connection
    • Ibexa instance host - the full URL of your instance with the API root (/api/ibexa/v2) appended
    • Username - Ibexa DXP user name you want to log in as
    • Password - Ibexa DXP password

Creating a new connection to Ibexa DXP

Specify a SiteAccess

When you have a multisite Ibexa DXP setup, you can specify a SiteAccess in the connection.

To do it, when creating a connection, turn on the Show advanced settings toggle, and fill in the Siteaccess field:

Specifying a SiteAccess for a connection