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Ibexa Connect

Ibexa Connect is an enterprise iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) which allows you to connect Ibexa DXP with different third-party applications. By using a low-code, drag-and-drop interface, you can create integration scenarios to automate business processes.

Ibexa Connect offers a range of apps in different categories, among others marketing, sales, communication, IT and development, or process management.


Ibexa Connect is included in all Ibexa DXP licenses attached to contracts signed from 2023 and works with Ibexa DXP v4.3 and later.


If you want to use Ibexa Connect, but have signed your contract earlier, contact your customer success manager.

Usage conditions and limits

By default, the Ibexa Connect license includes the ability to run five active scenarios. Unlimited additional scenario packs are available for purchase.

The license also covers 2,500,000 operations per year.

Accessing Ibexa Connect

Ibexa Connect is available at

To get your credentials, contact Ibexa Support at

How Ibexa Connect works

The idea of Ibexa Connect is to give you and your users a tool for seamless connection of your Ibexa DXP with external services. In Ibexa Connect low-code and drag-and-drop interface, you can create scenarios which consist of modules. Each module governs a different app and controls the way information flows between them.

Example scenario showing connections to different apps

With the flow management tools, you can configure execution of a scenario, for example, set repeatable steps or customize how data is processed and interpreted between integrated apps.

You can schedule time intervals to run scenarios depending on your needs: periodically, or when triggered by an event in one of the apps, for example, when a new record is created in a CRM system or when a file is uploaded.

Also, you can build templates or use ready made templates for the most popular business flows to automate your work and speed up processes in your organization.

This way you can save time and focus on high value work.


Connect to different services

Ibexa Connect is an automation platform that connects about 800 popular apps and tools like Airtable, Gmail, Mailchimp, Trello, Webhooks, HTTP and many others.

They include commerce, CRM and customer support, productivity and process management, HR management, business intelligence, and many others.

Some apps and tools of particular interest are:

Communication CRM Commerce Data management
Gmail Hubspot WooCommerce Dropbox
Slack pipedrive shopify Data store
Twitter salesforce stripe HTTP
Facebook Messenger ZOHO CRM PayPal FTP
WhatsApp Business Cloud Dynamics 365 XML
LinkedIn JSON

Collect data

Ibexa Connect scenarios dynamically get information from an Ibexa DXP installation. A scenario can react to Content items being created or updated, as well as to Forms being filled in.

Trigger modules watch for a change in a service, in this case in an Ibexa DXP installation, and serve as a starting point for a scenario.

“Watch” modules, for example “Watch content items” or “Watch users”, return all new information since their last run. They perform best when run at scheduled intervals. The other type of instant trigger modules, for example “Receive Form Builder submissions”, reacts to changes in the service immediately. They are best scheduled to run immediately when a change occurs.

Data collecting model

The above scenario creates posts in social media each time new content is added.

Similar modules are available for most apps that link Ibexa Connect to other services and allow watching, for example, for new emails or new user records in a CRM system.

Real-time processing

Process and share data in a real-time, with constant and up-to date access.

Perform actions

Perform repository actions on Ibexa DXP (such as create, edit, publish and delete content, users).

Perform various actions on other services (such as, create posts on social media, update records in a database).

Data store

Store data received from one scenario in a defined structure, and reuse it in other scenarios.

Schedule flows

Create and schedule scenarios to run on demand or immediately as the response to certain event, at the defined time or in configured intervals.

Developer tools

Build and customize complex integrations and flows that meet expectations of your organization.

Use a browser extension to inspect and debug your scenarios, get details of operations and calls, track down potential issues and fix them.

Data integration

Ibexa Connect allows your organization to integrate data from various services and tools. It improves data quality, ensures its high quality and delivers unified and trusted content.

Connect via webhooks and API calls

Interested in a service that does not have a dedicated app in Ibexa Connect? Now you can connect it using webhooks.

If service of your choice offers webhooks, you can configure trigger modules to react to events and changes by linking them via webhooks. An alternative is to use the HTTP app to connect to a service’s API endpoints.

Complex data mapping

When moving data between modules you can map incoming values, modify it using text, number, math, and date and time functions, as well as combine them with variables to construct complex data.

Complex data mapping


Publishing to multiple channels

When creating any content, you may want to automatically push it to different communication channels, such as social media. Ibexa Connects lets you schedule automatic publishing of content to multiple social media accounts.

Automating work

Create workflows using scenarios to automate manual and repetitive tasks and have time to focus on high value work.

Automating communication

Integrate Ibexa Connect with communication tools and send push notifications via email, or Whatsapp to notify users, enable two-step verification and update business profiles.

User management

Connect Ibexa DXP with a CRM system to automate user creation based on leads.

Managing files

Use various file hosting services and sync them with Ibexa DXP to manage file or asset storage.