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Inviting users

Ibexa DXP allows you to create and send invitations to create an account in the frontend as a customer, the Back Office as an employee, or the Corporate Portal as an organisation member. You can send invitations to individual users or in bulk.

Roles and Policies

To invite other members to the site or the Back Office, a user needs to have the User:Invite permission added to their Role. You can limit the ability to invite other members to specific User Groups, such as Editors, or to the specific Roles within the group, for example: Admin, Buyer.

Creating and sending invitations

Invitations are created with InvitationService, but sending them requires additional setup. Ibexa DXP provides you with Ibexa\User\Invitation\MailSender implementation of InvitationSender interface for sending invitations via email. If you want to send invitations through different channels, you will need to create a custom setup.

Invitation and registration form templates

Semantic configuration

To set up custom templates for invitation or registration forms, create a template file and inform the system, through configuration, when to use this template.

You might also set a SiteAccess under scope, to which the new user will be invited. If the SiteAccess is not set, it falls back to the default site value.

For example, use the following configuration:

                 hash_expiration_time: P7D
                     mail: "@@App/invitation/mail.html.twig"

Here, you can specify which template should be used for the invitation mail, and what should be the expiration time for the invitation link included in that mail. If a user does not click the invitation link sent to them in time, you can refresh the invitation. Refresh resets the time limit and changes the hash in the invitation link.

You can find more registration related templates in Register new users documentation.