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Content management

  • Content model

    Ibexa DXP's content model relies on Content items that are instances of Content Types and contain content Fields.

  • Locations

    Locations hold published Content items and can be used to control visibility.

  • Field Type reference

    Ibexa DXP offers a range of built-in Field Types that cover most common needs when creating content.

  • Pages

    Pages are block-based special types of content that editors can create and modify by using a visual drag-and-drop editor.

  • Forms

    Form Builder enables creating dynamic forms to use in surveys, questionnaires, sign-up forms and others.

  • Taxonomy

    A taxonomy uses tags to categorize and organize content

  • Workflow

    Workflow controls how Content items pass between stages and allows setting up editorial flows, for example for reviews and proofreading.

  • Data migration

    Data migration enables you to import and export Repository data by using YAML files.