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Report and follow issues

Ibexa DXP uses JIRA to track product development, improvements, and bugs.

Finding an existing issue

Before you create a new bug report or an improvement suggestion, search the JIRA project for similar reported issues. If you find any, update them with your comment or additional information instead of creating a new one.

Reporting an issue

Security issues

If you discover a security issue, please do not report it using regular channels, but instead take a look at Security section.

If you have an Ibexa DXP subscription, report your issues through the support portal instead of JIRA. This ensures the issue can be quickly prioritized according to its impact.

If you cannot find an existing ticket matching what your issue, you can create a new one. Click Create at the top of the bugtracker window and fill in the following fields:

Project Select Ibexa IBX.
Issue type Choose Bug or Improvement depending on what you are reporting, do not use other issue types (they are for internal use only).
Summary Write a short sentence describing what you are reporting.
Priority Select the priority you consider the issue to be. Please try to keep a cool head while selecting it. A 1 pixel alignment bug is not a "blocker".
Component/s This is important, as it will make your issue appear on the radar (dashboards, filters) of people dealing with various parts of Ibexa projects.
Affect version/s Add the versions of the application you experienced the issue on.
Assignee Leave blank, unless you are willing to work on the issue yourself.
Reporter Leave as is (yourself).
Environment Enter specific information regarding your environment that could be relevant in the context of the issues.
Description This is the most important part of the issue report. In case of a bug, it must contain explicit steps to reproduce your issue. Anybody should be able to reproduce it at first try. In case of an improvement, it needs to contain use cases and detailed information regarding the expected behavior.
Product Select which flavor of Ibexa DXP the issue concerns.