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User Field Type

This Field Type validates and stores information about a user.

Name Internal name Expected input
User ezuser ignored

PHP API Field Type

Value Object

Property Type Description Example
hasStoredLogin boolean Denotes if user has stored login. true
contentId int|string ID of the content item corresponding to the user. 42
login string Username. john
email string The user's email address. [email protected]
passwordHash string Hash of the user's password. 1234567890abcdef
passwordHashType mixed Algorithm user for generating password hash as a PASSWORD_HASH_* constant defined in Ibexa\Contracts\Core\Repository\Values\User\User class. User::PASSWORD_HASH_PHP_DEFAULT
maxLogin int Maximum number of concurrent logins. 1000
Available password hash types
Constant Description
Ibexa\Contracts\Core\Repository\Values\User\User::DEFAULT_PASSWORD_HASH Default password hash, used when none is specified, may change over time.
Ibexa\Contracts\Core\Repository\Values\User\User::PASSWORD_HASH_PHP_DEFAULT Passwords hashed by PHP's default algorithm, which may change over time.
Ibexa\Contracts\Core\Repository\Values\User\User::PASSWORD_HASH_BCRYPT Bcrypt hash of the password.


Old password hash types like MD5 have numerical hash type value from 1 to 5. These types were deprecated in v1.13 and removed in v3.0. Between v1.13 and v3.0 it was possible to update hashes automatically when users logged in. Since v3.0, login is only possible with hash type 6 or larger. Automatic updates of older types on login are not possible anymore. A mass migration of all hashes has never been possible, because this would require knowing the passwords, which only users themselves do. Users who still have an old, unsupported password hash type can request a new, valid password using the "Forgot password" feature.

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