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Product Search Criteria reference

Product Search Criteria are only supported by Product Search (ProductServiceInterface::findProduct).

Search Criterion let you filter product by specific attributes, for example: color, availability, price etc.

Product Search Criteria

Search Criterion Search based on
AttributeName Value of product's attribute name
AttributeGroupIdentifier Value of product's attribute group identifier
CatalogIdentifier Catalog's identifier
CatalogName Catalog's name
CatalogStatus Catalog's status
CheckboxAttribute Value of product's checkbox attribute
ColorAttribute Value of product's color attribute
CreatedAt Date and time when product was created
CreatedAtRange Date and time range when product was created
FloatAttribute Value of product's float attribute
FloatAttributeRange Value of product's float attribute
IntegerAttribute Value of product's integer attribute
IntegerAttributeRange Value of product's integer attribute
IsVirtual Product type (virtual or physical)
SelectionAttribute Value of product's selection attribute
ProductAvailability Product's availability
ProductStock Product's numerical stock
ProductStockRange Product's numerical stock
ProductCategory Product category assigned to product
ProductCode Product's code
ProductName Product's name
RangeMeasurementAttributeMinimum Minimum value of product's measurement attribute
RangeMeasurementAttributeMaximum Maximum value of product's measurement attribute
SimpleMeasurementAttribute Value of product's measurement attribute
BasePrice Product's base price
CustomPrice Product's custom price
ProductType Product type