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Aggregation reference

Aggregation is used to group search results into categories.

There are three types of aggregations:

  • Term aggregations group by value and count object in each group
  • Range aggregations count values in specified ranges
  • Stats aggregations compute stats over numeric fields: minimum, average and maximum value, count and sum of values


Aggregations are not available in the Legacy Search engine.

Content aggregations

Name Type Based on
ContentTypeTermAggregation Term Content type
ContentTypeGroupTermAggregation Term Content type group
DateMetadataRangeAggregation Range Date metadata
LanguageTermAggregation Term Content language
LocationChildrenTermAggregation Term Children on a Location
ObjectStateTermAggregation Term Object state
RawRangeAggregation Range Search index field
RawStatsAggregation Stats Search index field
RawTermAggregation Term Search index field
SectionTermAggregation Term Section
SubtreeTermAggregation Term Location subtree path
TaxonomyEntryIdAggregation Term Taxonomy entry
UserMetadataTermAggregation Term Content owner/owner group or modifier
VisibilityTermAggregation Term Content/Location visibility

Field aggregations

Name Type Based on Field
AuthorTermAggregation Term Author
CheckboxTermAggregation Term Checkbox
CountryTermAggregation Term Country
DateRangeAggregation Range Date
DateTimeRangeAggregation Range DateTime
FloatRangeAggregation Range Float
FloatStatsAggregation Stats Float
IntegerRangeAggregation Range Integer
IntegerStatsAggregation Stats Integer
KeywordTermAggregation Term Keyword
SelectionTermAggregation Term Selection
TimeRangeAggregation Range Time

Product aggregations

Name Type Based on
Product attribute Term / Range Product attribute values
BasePriceStats Stats Product base price
CustomPriceStats Stats Product custom price
ProductAvailabilityTerm Term Product availability
ProductStockRange Range Product stock
ProductPriceRange Range Product price
ProductTypeTerm Term Product type
TaxonomyEntryIdAggregation Term Product category