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Ibexa DXP v4.1

Version number: v4.1

Release date: April 15, 2022

Release type: Fast Track

Notable changes

Product catalog enhancements

With this release, product catalog brings new PHP APIs, productivity boost from new product search criteria and sort classes, advanced filtering in REST endpoints, auto-generated identifiers, product list sorting, and more.

You can now use advanced filtering on products, product types, attributes, and others in REST endpoints.

Currencies, regions and customer groups can now be resolved automatically in the PHP API based on the current context (for example, selected locale).

A new Color attribute enables adding a product attribute that uses the color picker to select a precise color.

The product catalog is now fully integrated with the transactional system integration, enabling a full purchasing process.

Measurement Field Type and attribute

With the new Measurement Field Type users can now add a Measurement Field, with different pre-built units, to content:

Adding a Measurement Field to content type definition

The new Measurement product attribute enables describing products with different types and units of measurement:

Adding measurement attribute values to product

Dynamic targeting block

Dynamic targeting block for the Page Builder provides recommendation items based on users related to the configured Segments.

Dynamic targeting block

User interface improvements

Several improvements to the Back Office interface enhance the user experience. These include:

  • "Go to top" button
  • new DateTime widget
  • view switcher between lists, grids and calendar.

Several new options have been added to the Content Tree's contextual menu, including Hide/Reveal, Create, Edit and Add translation, Add/Remove from bookmarks.

New Content Tree options

Other changes


Product catalog is now fully covered in GraphQL API.

Taxonomy language switcher

A language switcher in Taxonomy view enables quick switching between different translations of the tag tree.

Language switcher in Taxonomy tree

Image optimization

Images modified in the Image Editor are now optimized for reduced file size. You can use external libraries to optimize different image formats.

Expanded data migrations

Data migration now covers additional objects:

Data migration now also offers a locking capability, which prevents multiple processes from executing the same migration and causing duplicated records.

Full changelog

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