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Customize dashboard

You can customize the dashboard depending on your needs using Dahboard Builder. Customized dashboard displays a set of widgets selected by the user.


Detailed instruction on how to customize dashboard using Dashboard Builder is available in Ibexa DXP user documentation.

Manage permissions

To customize dashboard, you need to have dashboard/cutomize policy.

By default, all the users belonging to the Editors User Group, have DashboardRole assigned, so they can edit, create, or delete dashboard. If, by any reason, you want to narrow this permission, you can set up specific limitations.

Add custom layout

For new dashboard you need to choose layout which defines the available zones. While opening Dashboard Builder, layout window appears - you can choose one from available layouts.

You can also add custom layout that then can be available in Dashboard Builder.

For more information, see Customize storefront layout.

Create custom blocks

Dashboard builder provides set of ready-to-use blocks, for example, Common content, Quick actions, or Ibexa DXP News.

For more information about available blocks, see Ibexa DXP user documentation.

In addition to existing blocks available in Dashboard Builder, you can also create custom blocks.

To do it, follow the instruction on how to create custom Page block.