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MapLocation Field Type

This Field Type represents a geographical location.

As input it expects three values:

  • two float values latitude and longitude,
  • a string value, corresponding to the name or address of the location.
Name Internal name Expected input
MapLocation ezgmaplocation mixed

PHP API Field Type

Input expectations

Type Example
array [ 'latitude' => 59.928732, 'longitude' => 10.777888, 'address' => "Ibexa Nordics" ]

Value object


The Value class of this Field Type contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
$latitude float This property stores the latitude value of the map location reference.
$longitude float This property stores the longitude value of the map location reference.
$address string This property stores the address of map location.

The MapLocation\Value constructor will initialize a new Value object with values provided as hash. Accepted keys are latitude (float), longitude (float), address (string).

// Constructor example

// Instantiates a MapLocation Value object
$MapLocationValue = new MapLocation\Value(
                            'latitude' => 59.928732,
                            'longitude' => 10.777888,
                            'address' => "Ibexa Nordics"

Template rendering

The template called by the ibexa_render_field() Twig function while rendering a Map Location Field accepts the following parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
draggable boolean true Whether to enable a draggable map.
height string|false "200px" The height of the rendered map with its unit (for example "200px" or "20em"), set to false to not set any height style inline.
scrollWheel boolean true Allows you to disable scroll wheel starting to zoom when mouse comes over the map as user scrolls down a page.
showInfo booolean true Whether to show a latitude, longitude and the address outside of the map.
showMap boolean true Whether to show the OpenStreetMap.
width string|false "500px" The width of the rendered map with its unit (for example "500px" or "50em"), set to false to not set any width style inline.
zoom integer 13 The initial zoom level on the map.


{{ ibexa_render_field(content, 'location', {'parameters': {'width': '100%', 'height': '330px', 'showMap': true, 'showInfo': false}}) }}


The option to automatically get user coordinates through the "Locate me" button is only available when the Back Office is served through the https:// protocol.