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Creating a Point 2D Field Type

This tutorial covers the creation and development of a custom Ibexa DXP Field Type. The Generic Field Type is a very powerful extension point. It enables you to easily build complex solutions on a ready-to-go Field Type template.

Field Types are responsible for:

  • Storing data, either using the native storage engine mechanisms or specific means
  • Validating input data
  • Making the data searchable (if applicable)
  • Displaying Fields

You can find more information in Field Type documentation. It describes how each component of a Field Type interacts with the various layers of the system, and how to implement them.

Intended audience

This tutorial is aimed at developers who are familiar with Ibexa DXP and are comfortable with operating in PHP and Symfony.

Content of the tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the Generic Field Type as a template for a custom Field Type. You will:

  • Create a custom Point 2D Field Type with two coordinates as input, e.g. (4,5)
  • Register the new Field Type as a service and define its template
  • Add basic validation to your Point 2D
  • Add data migration to the Field Type so you will be able to easily change its output


In this tutorial you will go through the following steps: