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The price engine is responsible for calculating prices for products in the catalog.

Custom pricing

You can set up different prices depending on customer groups.

Each customer group can have a default price discount that applies to all products.

You can also set different prices for specific products or product variants for different customer groups.

Assign prices dynamically

You could create a customer group resolver that provides custom price logic, for example, by retrieving user address from the customer profile, and assigning a customer group to the customer based on the address.

Such resolver must implement the Ibexa\Contracts\ProductCatalog\CustomerGroupResolverInterface interface.

You must then register it as a service with the ibexa.product_catalog.customer_group.resolver tag.


Ibexa DXP ships with a list of available currencies, and you can also add custom currencies. To use currencies in your shop, you need to first enable them in the Back Office.


You can configure VAT rate globally (per SiteAccess), or set it individually for each product type and product.