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Time Field Type

This Field Type represents time information.

Date information is not stored.

What is stored is the number of seconds, calculated from the beginning of the day in the given or the environment timezone.

Name Internal name Expected input type
Time eztime mixed

PHP API Field Type

Input expectations

If input value is of type string or integer, it will be passed directly to the PHP's built-in \DateTime class constructor, therefore the same input format expectations apply.

It is also possible to directly pass an instance of \DateTime.

Type Example
string "2012-08-28 12:20 Europe/Berlin"
integer 1346149200
\DateTime new \DateTime()

Value object


The Value class of this Field Type contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
$time integer|null Holds the time information as a number of seconds since the beginning of the day.

The constructor for this Value object will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It accepts an integer representing the number of seconds since the beginning of the day.

String representation

String representation of the date value will generate the date string in the format "H:i:s" as accepted by PHP's built-in date() function.

Character Description Example
H Two digit representation of an hour, 24-hour format, range 00 to 23 12
i Two digit representation of minutes, range 00 to 59 14
s Two digit representation of seconds, range 00 to 59 56

Example: "12:14:56"

Hash format

Value in hash format is an integer representing a number of seconds since the beginning of the day.

Example: 36000


This Field Type does not perform validation of the input value.


The Field definition of this Field Type can be configured with several options:

Name Type Default value Description
useSeconds boolean false Used to control displaying of seconds in the output.
defaultType Type::DEFAULT_EMPTY Type::DEFAULT_CURRENT_TIME Type::DEFAULT_EMPTY The constant used here defines default input value when using back-end interface.
// Time Field Type example settings
use Ibexa\Core\FieldType\Time\Type;

$settings = [
    "defaultType" => DateAndTime::DEFAULT_EMPTY

Template rendering

The template called by the ibexa_render_field() Twig function while rendering a Date Field has access to the following parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
locale string   n/a Internal parameter set by the system based on current request locale or, if not set, calculated based on the language of the Field.


{{ ibexa_render_field(content, 'time') }}