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Sort Clause reference

Sort Clauses are the sorting options for Content and Location Search and Repository filtering.

Capabilities of individual Sort Clauses can depend on the search engine.

All Sort Clauses can take the following optional argument:

  • sortDirection - the direction of the sorting, either Query::SORT_ASC (default) or Query::SORT_DESC

Sort Clauses

Sort Clause Sorting based on Content Search Location Search Filtering
ContentId Content items' ID
ContentName Content names
ContentTranslatedName Translated content names
CustomField Raw search index fields
DateModified The date when content was last modified
DatePublished The date when content was created
Depth Location depth in the Content Tree
Field Content of one of content item's Fields
Id Location ID
IsMainLocation Whether a Location is the main Location of a content item
MapLocationDistance Distance between the location contained in a MapLocation Field and the provided coordinates
Path PathString of the Location
Priority Location priority
Random Random seed
Score Score of the search result
SectionIdentifier ID of the Section content is assigned to
SectionName Name of the Section content is assigned to
Visibility Whether the Location is visible or not