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Image variations

With image variations you can render different versions of one image by means of scaling, cropping and other filters.

Built-in image variations include four versions that provide the image at a specific scale: tiny, small, medium, and large.

You can also create custom image variations.

Custom image variations

Image variation configuration is SiteAccess-aware. Place it under the image_variations configuration key per scope:

                    reference: null
                        <filter>: <parameters>

Variation name must be unique. It may contain characters, numbers, underscores (_) or hyphens (-), but no spaces.

Each variation takes the following parameters:

  • reference - (optional) name of a reference variation to base the variation on. If set to null or ~, the variation takes the original image for reference.
  • filters - array of variation filters and their parameters.
  • post_processors - used to reduce the final image size and to improve load performance of assets.

Available variation filters

Filter name Parameters Description
geometry/scaledownonly [width, height] Scales image down to fit the provided width/height. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scalewidthdownonly [width] Scales image down to fit the provided width. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleheightdownonly [height] Scales image down to fit the provided height. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scalewidth [width] Scales image width, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleheight [height] Scales image height, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scale [width, height] Scales image size to the provided width and height, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleexact [width, height] Scales image to exactly fit the provided width and height. Does not preserve aspect ratio.
geometry/scalepercent [widthPercent, heightPercent] Scales width and height by the provided percent values. Does not preserve aspect ratio.
geometry/crop [width, height, startX, startY] Crops the image. The result has the provided width/height, starting at the provided startX/startY
border [thickBorderX, thickBorderY, color=#000] Adds a border around the image. Thickness is defined in px. Color is #000 by default.
filter/noise [radius=0] Smooths the contours of an image (imagick/gmagick only). radius is in px.
filter/swirl [degrees=60] Swirls the pixels of the center of the image (imagick/gmagick only). degrees defaults to 60.
resize {size: [width, height]} Simple resize filter (provided by LiipImagineBundle).
colorspace/gray N/A Converts the image to grayscale.


After you change the image variation configuration, remove the existing variations with the liip:imagine:cache:remove command and provide the variation name:

php bin/console liip:imagine:cache:remove --filter=large

Next, clear the cache.

You can also remove all generated image variations:

php bin/console liip:imagine:cache:remove -v