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User-generated content

Ibexa DXP comes with content edition features via the Symfony stack. They are meant to allow the implementation of user-generated content from the front end, without entering the Back Office.

Creating a new draft

The content/create/draft route enables you to create a new draft for the selected content item. Pass the ID of the content item as an argument.

For example, content/create/draft/59 creates a new draft of the content item with ID 59.

Creating a content item without using a draft

The /content/edit/nodraft route shows a content item creation form for a given content type:

Argument Type Description
contentTypeIdentifier string The identifier of the content type to create. Example: folder, article
languageCode string Language code the content item must be created in. Example: eng-GB
parentLocationId integer ID of the Location the content item must be created in. Example: 2

This means that /content/create/nodraft/folder/eng-GB/2 enables you to create a Folder in English as a child of Location with ID 2.

A limited subset of Field Types is supported:

  • TextLine
  • TextBlock
  • Selection
  • Checkbox
  • User
  • Date
  • DateAndTime
  • Time
  • Integer
  • Float
  • URL

Editing a content item

To edit an existing draft, use the /content/edit/draft/ route, with the following arguments:

Argument Type Description
contentId integer ContentId of the item to edit.
versionNo integer Number of the version to edit. The version must be an unpublished draft.
languageCode string Language code of the version. Example: eng-GB

For example, /content/edit/draft/1/5/eng-GB enables you to edit draft 5 of content item 1 in English.

Content editing templates

You can use custom templates for the content editing forms.

Define the templates under the ibexa.system.<scope>.content_edit.templates configuration key:

                    edit: content/edit/content_edit.html.twig
                    create_draft: content/edit/content_create_draft.html.twig