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eZ Platform v2.5

Version number: v2.5

Release date: March 29, 2019

Release type: Long Term Supported

Notable changes

Content Tree

You can now navigate through your website with a Content Tree. It will allow you to easily browse your content in the Back Office. Each Content item has a unique icon that helps you identify it without opening.

Content Tree in the menu

For more information on custom configuration, see Content Tree in the developer documentation.

For full description of the interface, see Content Tree in the user documentation.

Webpack Encore

This release introduces Webpack Encore as the preferred tool for asset management. This leads to changes in requirements.

Assetic is still in use, but it will be deprecated in a future version.


This release enables you to use PostgreSQL for database instead of the default MySQL.

Database schema is now created based on YAML configuration.


You can now take advantage of GraphQL to query and operate on content. It uses a domain schema based on your content model.

See GraphQL documentation for more information about GraphQL in general.

Matrix Field Type

The new Matrix Field Type enables you to store a table of data. Columns in the matrix are defined in the Field definition.

Configuring a Matrix Field Type

Migration of legacy XML format

You can now migrate your content from legacy XML format to a new ezmatrix value with the following command:

bin/console ezplatform:migrate:legacy_matrix

User bundle

The new ezplatform-user bundle now centralizes all features related to user management, such as user accounts, registering, changing passwords, etc.


Workflow improvements

You can now preview a diagram of the configured workflows in the Admin Panel.

Diagram of a workflow configuration

After selecting configured workflow administrator, the user is now able to see all Content items under review for it.

Content under review

Online editor improvements

Anchors in Rich Text Field

You can now link fragments of text by adding Anchors in Rich Text Fields.

Inline custom tags

You can now create inline custom tags in Rich Text Fields.

Custom CK Editor plugins

You can now easily use custom CK Editor plugins in AlloyEditor.

Hiding and revealing content

You can now hide and reveal Content items from the Back Office. Hidden content will be unavailable on the front page regardless of permissions or Location visibility.

Icon for hiding content

Product version preview

The Dashboard now shows the version of eZ Platform you are running.

eZ Platform version

Expanded User Settings

The User Settings menu has been expanded with the following options:

  • Preferred language of the Back Office
  • Preferred date format
  • Option to enable or disable a character counter for Rich Text Fields

User settings screen with new settings

Various Back Office improvements

This release introduced several Back Office improvements to facilitate editorial experience, including:

Back Office improvements


Content/Create policy for Users

You can now define a 'Content/Create' policy for a User or a User group. It will enable or disable (if not set) the Create button in your dashboard.

Universal Discovery Widget

allowed_content_types can now limit selection in UDW search and browse sections to specified Content Types.

Create button in Dashboard

API improvements

New API improvements include:

  • sudo() exposed officially in API to make it more clear how you can skip permission checks when needed
  • AssignSectionToSubtreeSignal to assign Sections to subtrees
  • new loadLanguageListByCode() and loadLanguageListById() endpoints for bulk loading of languages
  • new method ContentService->loadContentInfoList() for bulk loading Content information
    • it can be used with ContentService->loadContentListByContentInfo() to bulk load Content
    • v2.5 also takes advantage of it in e.g. RelationList and ParameterProvider
  • now Persistence cache layer also caches selected metadata objects in-memory
  • indexation of related objects in the full text search

Requirements changes

Due to using Webpack Encore, you now need Node.js and yarn to install or update eZ Platform.

This release also changes support for versions of the following third-party software:

  • Solr 4 is no longer supported. Use Solr 6 instead (Solr 6.6LTS recommended).
  • Apache 2.2 is no longer supported. Use Apache 2.4 instead.
  • Varnish 4 is no longer supported. Use Varnish 5.1 or higher (6.0LTS recommended).

For full list of supported versions, see Requirements.

Password requirements

This version introduces stricter default password quality requirements.

Passwords must be at least 10 characters long, and must include upper and lower case letters, and digits. Existing passwords are not changed.

See backwards compatibility changes for detailed information.

Full changelog

eZ Platform eZ Enterprise
eZ Platform v2.5.0 eZ Enterprise v2.5.0
eZ Platform v2.5.0-rc2 eZ Enterprise v2.5.0-rc2
eZ Platform v2.5.0-rc1 eZ Enterprise v2.5.0-rc1
eZ Platform v2.5.0-beta2 eZ Enterprise v2.5.0-beta2
eZ Platform v2.5.0-beta1 eZ Enterprise v2.5.0-beta1

eZ Platform v2.5.2


The leafo/scssphp package had to be replaced by scssphp/scssphp due to maintainability. If you use classes from the Leafo\ScssPhp namespace, change them to ScssPhp\ScssPhp.


You can now take advantage of SolrCloud in eZ Platform Solr search engine. It enables you to set up a cluster of Solr servers for highly available and fault tolerant environment.

Online Editor

Custom attributes

It is now possible to add custom data attributes and CSS classes to elements in the Online Editor.

Translatable custom tag choice attributes

You can now translate labels of choice attributes in Custom tags using the ezrichtext.custom_tags.<tag_name>.attributes.<attribute>.choices.<choice>.label configuration key.

URL Wildcards

URL wildcards enable you to set up global URL redirections.

eZ Platform v2.5.3

API improvements

SectionService::loadSection has been improved to return a filtered list when user does not have access to a Section, instead of throwing an exception.

eZ Platform v2.5.4

Permission improvements

RoleService methods have been improved to return a filtered list when user does not have access to content, instead of throwing an exception. The following methods are affected:

  • RoleService::loadRoles
  • RoleService::getRoleAssignmentsForUser
  • RoleService::getRoleAssignmentsForUserGroup

content/cleantrash Policy now allows the user to empty the trash even if they would not have access to the trashed content.

Docker environment

BCMath PHP extension has been added to the Docker environments in order to enable the Allure reporting tool.

Deprecated features

This section provides a list of deprecated features to be removed in eZ Platform v3.0.

Custom Installers

  • The \EzSystems\PlatformInstallerBundle\Installer\CleanInstaller class and its service container definition (ezplatform.installer.clean_installer) have been deprecated in favor of EzSystems\PlatformInstallerBundle\Installer\CoreInstaller which requires the Doctrine Schema Bundle to be enabled.
  • The ezplatform.installer.db_based_installer service container definition has been deprecated in favor of its FQCN-named equivalent (EzSystems\PlatformInstallerBundle\Installer\DbBasedInstaller).
  • vendor/ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel/data/mysql/schema.sql has been deprecated and is not used by the installation process anymore.

eZ Platform v2.5.6

Configuration through ezplatform

In YAML configuration, you can now use ezplatform as well as ezpublish as the main configuration key.

API improvements

The following PHP API methods have been added:

  • ContentService::countContentDrafts returns the number of all drafts for the provided user
  • ContentService::loadContentDraftList returns a list of all drafts for the provided user
  • ContentService::countReverseRelations returns the number of all reverse relations for a Content item
  • ContentService::loadReverseRelationList returns a list of all reverse relations for a Content item

Solr 7.7

With v2.5.6 you can optionally use Solr 7.7. To enable it:

  1. Update the ezplatform-solr-search-engine package version to ~2.0.
  2. Follow Solr upgrade documentation.
  3. Reindex your content.
  4. Clear cache.

eZ Platform v2.5.9

Search result improvements

When searching in the Back Office you can now select languages to filter results through.

Searchable Matrix Field

The Matrix Field is not fully searchable.