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Project organization

Ibexa DXP is a Symfony application and follows the project structure used by Symfony.

You can see an example of organizing a simple project in the companion repository for the Ibexa Experience Beginner tutorial.

PHP code

The project's PHP code (controllers, event listeners, etc.) should be placed in the src folder.

Reusable libraries should be packaged so that they can easily be managed using Composer.


Project templates should go into the templates folder.

They can then be referenced in code without any prefix, for example templates/full/article.html.twig can be referenced in Twig templates or PHP as full/article.html.twig.


Project assets should go into the assets folder.

They can be referenced as relative to the root, for example assets/js/script.js can be referenced as js/script.js from templates.

All project assets are accessible through the assets path.

Removing assets manually

If you ever remove the assets folder manually, you need to dump translations before performing the yarn encore <dev|prod> command:

php bin/console bazinga:js-translation:dump assets --merge-domains


You project's configuration is placed in the respective files in config/packages. See Configuration for more information.

Importing configuration from a bundle

If you are keeping some of your code in a bundle, dealing with core bundle semantic configuration can be tedious if you maintain it in the main config/packages/ezplatform.yaml configuration file.

You can import configuration from a bundle by following the Symfony tutorial How to Import Configuration Files/Resources.

Versioning a project

The recommended method is to version the whole ezplatform repository.