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Breadcrumb API

The controller method BreadcrumbsController::renderBreadcrumbsAction() uses the BreadcrumbsAggregateGenerator to render the breadcrumbs from the controller.

BreadcrumbsAggregateGenerator collects all generators that generate breadcrumbs. A compiler pass gets all services that are tagged with siso_core.breadcrumbs_generator. The aggregate generator loops through all collected generators to check which generator can render breadcrumbs.

The first generator, in order of priority, that returns true from canRenderBreadcrumbs() is used to render the breadcrumbs.

Method Description
canRenderBreadcrumbs(Request $request) Verifies whether the generator should render breadcrumbs for the current request.
renderBreadcrumbs(Request $request) Renders breadcrumbs for the current request.
Name Description
PostSilverModuleBreadcrumbsGenerator Renders breadcrumbs for a silver.module element which processes the controller of the previous silver.module. silver.modules themselves are standard Content items and their breadcrumbs are handled solely by the parent of the EzContentBreadcrumbsGenerator class.
EzContentBreadcrumbsGenerator Handles breadcrumbs for a Content item. Renders all elements of the path of the currently displayed Location as breadcrumbs, up to the content root.
CatalogBreadcrumbsGenerator Renders breadcrumbs for a catalog element. Uses the CatalogDataProvider to fetch all catalog parent elements up to the catalog root element for the last half of the breadcrumbs. As the catalog root is part of the Content Tree, it fetches the parent Locations of this element as the first half of the breadcrumbs and prepends them.
RoutesBreadcrumbsGenerator Renders breadcrumbs if the route for the action contains the breadcrumb_path and breadcrumb_names keys. This generator must be registered with the lowest priority and functions as a fallback.