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Ibexa DXP v4.3

Version number: v4.3

Release date: November 10, 2022

Release type: Fast Track

Update: v4.2.x to v4.3

Notable changes

Customer Portal

Company self-registration

Now, a prospective buyer can apply to create a company account on a seller's website.

The application goes through an approval process where admin specifies the customer group and sales representative for the new company account. Finally, the invitation link is sent back to the applicant to finish the registration process and give them access to the Customer Portal.

For more information, see Customer Portal applications documentation.

Company self-registration

Customization of approval process

You can now customize the approval process for company self-registration. By adding additional steps and options, you can build a process that perfectly meets your business needs.

SEO configuration exposed

SEO configuration gains a more prominent place on the Content Type editing screen. For example, to enable SEO, you now have to edit the Content Type that you want to modify, scroll down to the SEO section and switch the Enable SEO for this content type toggle.

For more information, see Work with SEO.


This change is also implemented in v4.2.

Other changes

PIM improvements

Price Sort Clauses

When querying for products, you can now use one of two price-related Sort Clauses:

Usability improvements

This release also includes a number of usability improvements in PIM, such as full information about available attribute values or improved display of Selection attributes.

You can now move assets between collections by using drag and drop.

Moving assets between collection with drag and drop

From product's Completeness tab you can now jump directly to editing the product prices in all configured currencies.

Editing product price from Completeness tab

Catalog filters

In catalogs, you can now configure default filters that are always added to a catalog, as well as define filter order and group custom filters. Built-in filters are also divided into groups now for easier browsing.

Filtering by the Color attribute is now possible.

Integration with recommendation engine

Now, during product creation, edition, or deletion, information about the selected product categories (Taxonomies) is sent to the recommendation engine as an attribute and can be used for recommendation engine filtering.


New User Content Type

This release brings you a new Content Type for private customers registering from the front page. We also prepared a migration command for already existing users to ease your upgrade process. For more information, refer to upgrade documentation.

API improvements

The catalogs functionality in PIM is now covered in REST API, including:

Personalization improvements

Now, as a Personalization admin, after editing a model in the Back Office, you can build this model, use the Trigger model build button to build this model with your modifications.

Taxonomy improvements

Objects of Ibexa\Contracts\Taxonomy\Value\TaxonomyEntry type, which are returned by TaxonomyService, now contain the information about nesting level in the tree.

The TaxonomyEntryId Search Criterion is not available in Legacy search Engine.

Other improvements

Full changelog

Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Ibexa Content v4.3 Ibexa Experience v4.3 Ibexa Commerce v4.3


New REST API endpoints

You can now use new REST API routes that confirm whether the User is logged in, without invoking any other route:

  • GET /user/current - redirects to current User API load.
  • GET /user/sessions/current - returns a current User Session object.

You can retrieve, add and remove users from a Segment with:

  • GET /user/users/{userId}/segments - retrieves Segments for a given User.
  • POST /user/users/{userId}/segments - assigns User to one or more Segments.
  • DELETE /user/users/{userId}/segments/{segmentIdentifier} - unassigns User from a Segment.

You can retrieve the defined languages with:

  • GET /languages- returns a defined language list.
  • GET /languages/{languageCode} - returns a single language.

New service for token-based authentication

The new release adds Ibexa\Contracts\Rest\Security\AuthorizationHeaderRESTRequestMatcher service that can be used instead of Ibexa\AdminUi\REST\Security\NonAdminRESTRequestMatcher. It allows REST API endpoints to work with cookie-based authentication.

PIM improvements

Customer group is now part of user context, which enables HTTP cache to support product-related responses.

Ability to retrieve a customer group

You can now retrieve customer group by implementing the Ibexa\Contracts\ProductCatalog\CustomerGroupResolverInterface interface and tagging it with ibexa.product_catalog.customer_group.resolver.


  • When UserService::updateUserPassword method throws ContentFieldValidationException, it now uses the format accessible via ContentFieldValidationException::getFieldErrors:
array<<int fieldId>, array<<string language code>, array<\Ibexa\Contracts\Core\FieldType\ValidationError>>>