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eZ Platform v3.0

Version number: v3.0

Release date: April 2, 2020

Release type: Fast Track


Notable changes

Symfony 5

The version 3.0 moves eZ Platform to Symfony 5.0 from the previously used Symfony 3.4.

This entails several changes to the way projects are organized. For details, see Symfony 4.0 and Symfony 5.0 upgrade documentation

Using Events instead of SignalSlots

The application now uses Symfony Events instead of SignalSlots. The application triggers two Events per operation: one before and one after the relevant thing happens (see for example BookmarkService).

To use Symfony Events, create Event Listeners in your code.

New bundles

The list of bundles in v3.0 has been extended by the following ones:

For details, see Bundles.

New features


Site Factory

The new Site management User Interface is now integrated with Back Office. It enables you to easily create and manage multiple sites from the Back Office without editing the configuration files.

For more information about:


Schedule calendar

You can now easily view and perform scheduling actions using the Calendar widget available in the Back Office. By default, the widget displays Content items scheduled for future publication, but custom events can be configured as well. You can also filter displayed events and toggle through a day, week, and month view.

Manage planned publications with Dashboard

You can now reschedule or cancel planned future publications right from the Dashboard.

Schedule hiding a Content item

You can now schedule hiding Content items. Using Calendar widget available in the Back Office you can also reschedule or cancel hiding a Content item.

Defining buttons in Online Editor

You can now reorder and disable buttons in Online Editor using YAML configuration.

Workflow improvements

Workflow actions

You can now configure your workflows to automatically publish content.

You can also create custom workflow actions.


When sending content through a workflow, the user can now select reviewers. You can require the user to select reviewers when sending content through the workflow.

In the configuration, you can also set the workflow to automatically notify the selected reviewers.

Quick review

A built-in Quick Review offers a quick workflow configuration for your basic needs.

Custom transition color

You can configure a custom color for each of the transitions defined in the Workflow.

Version comparison

You can now compare two versions of the same Content item and preview changes in their Fields:

Version comparison

Universal Discovery Widget

The Universal Discovery Widget (UDW) has been re-designed and re-written. New functionalities and changes include:

  • new configuration
  • filtered search
  • resizable column with custom sort order
  • editing content from UDW (Enterprise only)

For full list of changes, see Backwards compatibility doc and Configuration.

Field Types

Content query Field Type

The new Content query Field Type enables you to configure a Content query that will use parameters from a Field definition.

Field Type creation

You can now use Generic Field Type as a template for your custom Field Types.

Keyword Field Type

The keyword Field Type can now recognize versions of a Content item.

Login and password options

Login by User name or email

You can now give your users th ability to log in with User name or with email.

Password rules

You can now set password expiration rules for user passwords.

Duplicate a role

You can now duplicate a role with a single click in the Back Office.

Duplicate a role

REST API reference

The REST reference has been moved from Kernel to a new page, eZ Platform REST API.

Search Criteria

The following new Search Criteria have been added:

Search Criterion Search based on
IsUserBased Whether content represents a User account
IsUserEnabled Whether a User account is enabled
ObjectStateIdentifier Object State Identifier
SectionId ID of the Section content is assigned to
SectionIdentifier Identifier of the Section content is assigned to
UserEmail Email address of a User account
Sibling Locations that are children of the same parent
UserId User ID
UserLogin User login

Random sorting

The list of common Sort Clauses has been extended by the Random sorting option.

Contextual Twig variables

You can now create custom Twig variables for use in templates. They can be defined per SiteAccess, or per content view.

Built-in Query Types

Five built-in ready-to-use Query Types have been added: Children, Siblings, Ancestors, RelatedToContent, and GeoLocation.

You can now use the ez_render_content_query and ez_render_location_query Twig functions to make use of Query Types that do not use the current content or Location.

Grouping blocks in Page Builder

You can now assign Page Builder blocks to groups using the ezplatform_page_fieldtype.blocks.<block_name>.category setting.

Bulk actions in Sub-items list

You can now use the Sub-items list to quickly hide, reveal, to add Locations to multiple Content items.


You can now add custom tooltips to provide more information for the users when they hover over, focus on, or tap an element.


The new thumbnails API allows you to easily choose an image for each content. For more information, see Extending thumbnails.

Type hints for public PHP API

Strict types have been added to public PHP API methods. For a complete list, see backwards compatibility breaks.

Other changes


In GraphQL, you can now query Locations and their children.


Improved translating of notifications

TranslationService is not injected into the NotificationService. You can now use TranslatableNotificationHandlerInterface for translated notifications.

Multilingual content route

New multilingual content route for internal translations has been added.

Renamed templates and parameters

Templates and parameters used by the Back Office have been renamed for consistency. For A full list of changes, see Backwards compatibility doc.

HTTP Cache

HTTP cache bundle now uses FOS Cache Bundle v2. For a full list of changes this entails, see Backwards compatibility doc.


New helper method window.eZ.helpers.contentType.getContentTypeName replaces deprecated ContentTypeNames.

User Field Type

User data is now treated as an external storage.

SiteAccess-aware Repository

The Repository now uses the SiteAccess-aware layer by default. This means that Repository objects will now be loaded in the translation corresponding to the SiteAccess.


Revealing and hiding content can now be performed via REST API.


New methods have been introduced to the PHP API:

\eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo::getContentType \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo::getSection \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo::getMainLanguage \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo::getMainLocation \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo::getOwner \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\VersionInfo::getCreator \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\VersionInfo::getInitialLanguage \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\VersionInfo::getLanguages \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Location::getParentLocation

Deprecations and removals

For full list of deprecations and removals, see eZ Platform v3.0 deprecations and backwards compatibility breaks.


SignalSlots are removed from the application. Use Event Listeners in your code instead.

Deprecated Field Types

The deprecated ezprice and ezpage Field Types have been removed. Nameable field type interface has been removed and replaced by eZ\Publish\SPI\FieldType\FieldType::getName. For a full list of changes on Field Types, see Backwards compatibility doc.

Elastic Search support has been dropped.

REST server

REST-related code has been moved from Kernel to a new ezsystems/ezplatform-rest package. Following the change, the REST client has been removed from Kernel.


ezpublish-kernel has been replaced by ezplatform-kernel.

Online Editor

Online Editor front-end code and assets have been moved to the ezplatform-richtext repository. For a full list of resulting changes, see Backwards compatibility doc.

Configuration through ezplatform

In YAML configuration, the main configuration key is now ezplatform instead of ezpublish.

Content forms

The new ezplatform-content-forms package contains forms for content creation moved from repository-forms, while Content Type editing has been moved to ezplatform-admin-ui from repository-forms.

Custom Installers

The Symfony Service definitions, providing extension point to create custom installers, have been removed.

Requirements changes

eZ Platform now requires using PHP 7.3. For full list of, see eZ Platform requirements.


Some OS-es, such as Ubuntu 10.x or CentoOS 8.x come with PHP 7.2. In such cases remember to manually update the PHP version.


For the upgrade details, see eZ Platform v3.0 project update instructions.

Full changelog

eZ Platform eZ Enterprise
List of changes for final of eZ Platform v3.0.0 on Github List of changes for final for eZ Platform Enterprise Edition v3.0.0 on Github
List of changes for rc1 of eZ Platform v3.0.0 on Github List of changes for rc1 for eZ Platform Enterprise Edition v3.0.0 on Github

eZ Platform v3.0.2

Sort Trash items

Public PHP API SortClause has been exposed for TrashService queries: eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Query\SortClause\Trash\DateTrashed (to be used by \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\TrashService::findTrashItems only). It enables you to sort Trash items by date.