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Products in the catalog can be stored in the content model, or in optimized eContent storage, which is able to store up to two million products

A storage engine is responsible for handling products. It consists of:

  • a catalog data provider which manages the access to the product data itself (e.g. access method using database queries)
  • a catalog factory which is responsible for building CatalogNodes and ProductNodes

Product catalog objects

  • A catalogElement represents a product group/category. It has a name, a code and a place in the catalog tree. It also can have additional Fields.
  • A productType represents a collection of similar products that differ only in some characteristics. It is used to show a list of products in a tabular way. Every product can be added to the basket directly from this overview page.
  • A productNode inherits from the catalogElement and offers additional attributes such as SKU, images, price and other attributes.