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Binary and Media download

You can restrict files stored in BinaryFile or Media Fields to certain user Roles. These files are not publicly downloadable from disk, and are instead served by Symfony, using a custom route that runs the necessary checks. This route is automatically generated as the url property for those Field values.

content/download route

You have to create a route using the download route name.

It accepts optional query parameters:

  • version: The content version number that the file is downloaded for. Requires the content / read permission for a published version and additionally content / versionread permission for an unpublished version. If not specified, uses the published version.
  • inLanguage: The language the file should be downloaded in. If not specified, the most prioritized language for the SiteAccess is used.

The ibexa_render_field Twig helper by default generates a working link.

To generate a direct download link for the File Field Type you have to create a RouteReference with the ibexa_route helper, passing content and File Field identifier as parameters. Optional parameter inLanguage may be used to specify File content translation.

{% set routeReference = ibexa_route( '', {'content': content, 'fieldIdentifier': 'file', 'inLanguage': content.prioritizedFieldLanguageCode  } ) %}
<a href="{{ ibexa_path( routeReference ) }}">Download</a>

REST API: uri property

The uri property of Binary Fields in REST contains a valid download URL, of the same format as the public PHP API, prefixed with the same host as the REST Request.

For more information about REST API see the documentation.