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Ibexa DXP v3.3

Version number: v3.3

Release date: January 18, 2021

Release type: Long Term Support

Notable changes

New Personalization UI

This release brings a completely reconstructed user interface of the Personalization feature.

Personalization dashboard

Symfony Flex

Ibexa DXP is now installed using Symfony Flex.

See the updated installation instruction for a new guide to installing the product.

Image Editor

With the Image Editor, users can now perform basic operations, such as cropping or flipping an image, or setting a point of focus. The Image Editor is available when browsing the Media library, or creating or editing Content items that contain an ezimage or ezimageasset Field.

You can modify the Image Editor's default settings to change its appearance or behavior. For more information, see Configuring the Image Editor.

Migration bundle

The new migration bundle enables you to export and import your Repository data by using YAML files.

Other changes

Extended Search API capabilities

Search API has been extended with the following capabilities:

You can now access additional search result data from PagerFanta.

PHP API improvements

You can now use the following new PHP API methods:

Query Field Location handling

The Query Field Type now enables getting results for the current Location of a Content item.


Trusted proxy configuration

If you configure trusted proxies in the .env file, you now need to add them to the configuration in the following way:

    trusted_proxies: '%env(TRUSTED_PROXIES)%'

Full changelog

See list of changes in Symfony 5.2.

Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Ibexa Content v3.3.0 Ibexa Experience v3.3.0 Ibexa Commerce v3.3.0


Symfony 5.4

The version v3.3.15 moves Ibexa DXP to Symfony 5.4. For more information, see Symfony 5.4 documentation and update documentation.