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Using PostgreSQL

eZ Platform uses MySQL by default, but you can also choose to install it with PostgreSQL.


To use PostgreSQL, you need to have the pdo_pgsql PHP extension installed.

Make sure you have the ezsystems/doctrine-dbal-schema Composer package installed and EzSystems\DoctrineSchemaBundle\DoctrineSchemaBundle() enabled. If not, install the package with composer require ezsystems/doctrine-dbal-schema and enable DoctrineSchemaBundle in AppKernel.php.

Provide parameters

When you run composer install, you will be asked to provide installation parameters.

If you use PostgreSQL, two parameters need to be set differently than when using MySQL:

  • env(DATABASE_DRIVER) must be set to pdo_pgsql instead of the default pdo_mysql
  • env(DATABASE_CHARSET) must be set to utf8, because the default value of utf8mb4 is MySQL-specific.

The rest of the installation procedure is the same as when using MySQL.