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Bestsellers are determined based on all confirmed orders. The information how often a product was purchased is stored in Solr by a Solr plugin. The shop owner can specify from which point a product counts as a bestseller.

Bestsellers can be displayed on Landing Pages, category pages and a bestseller page.


To enable bestsellers, set the following parameter to true:

siso_core.default.enable_bestsellers: true

The following settings are available in the eCommerce->Configuration Settings->Miscellaneous section in the Back Office:

Configuration Description
Number of bestsellers displayed on bestseller page
Number of bestsellers displayed on catalog pages
Number of bestsellers displayed in a slider How many bestsellers should be available in a slider on a Landing Page
Threshold How often a product has to be sold to count as a bestseller

Template list

  • EshopBundle/Resources/views/Bestsellers/bestsellers.html.twig renders a bestseller page, available by default under the /bestsellers route.

Bestseller page

  • EshopBundle/Resources/views/Bestsellers/bestsellers_box.html.twig renders a slider for the Bestseller Page block.

Bestseller Page block

  • EshopBundle/Resources/views/Bestsellers/bestsellers_catalog.html.twig renders a slider for the catalog page.

Bestsellers in product category

  • EshopBundle/Resources/views/Bestsellers/bestsellers_box_esi.html.twig creates an Edge Side Includes tag and calls the controller for Landing Page bestsellers.

Category pages/Caching

Catalog bestsellers are cached independently of the rest of the page using ESI.



Siso/Bundle/SearchBundle/Service/BestsellerService.php fetches bestsellers from Solr.


Siso/Bundle/SearchBundle/Service/EcontentBestsellerIndexerPlugin.php adds an additional Solr field with a sum of basket lines.