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Ibexa DXP plugin for PhpStorm

Ibexa DXP plugin for PhpStorm helps you to work with Ibexa DXP by speeding up installation and providing file templates, intentions, autocompletion, and other features.


  • PhpStorm 2021.2 or newer
  • Enabled Symfony support plugin

Install PhpStorm plugin

You can install the Ibexa DXP plugin for PhpStorm from the JetBrains Marketplace, or manually, from a downloaded .jar file.

Install from JetBrains Marketplace

To install plugin from JetBrains marketplace:

Look for "Ibexa DXP" in the plugin browser and click Install.

Install from file

You can also install the plugin manually from a .jar file:

1. Download the latest version of the plugin from JetBrains Marketplace.

2. In PhpStorm settings/preferences (depending on your system), select Plugins > (gear icon) > Install plugin from Disk... and select the downloaded file.


Plugin configuration is available in PhpStorm settings/preferences (depending on your system), under PHP > Frameworks > Ibexa DXP.

You can use it to:

  • Enable and disable plugin features for the current project
  • Change product edition and version by the current project



Some plugin features depends on the selected product edition and version. For example, "deprecated namespaces usage" inspection is enabled only if the project uses v4.x.

Plugin configuration is automatically resolved when opening Ibexa DXP project for the first time. If detection is successful, a notification appears with an "Enable Ibexa DXP support for this project" link.

If you created your project by using Ibexa DXP project wizard, the plugin is automatically enabled and configured based on wizard data.


Project wizard

The plugin enables creating a new Ibexa DXP project directly from PhpStorm. To do it, select File > New Project... > Ibexa DXP.

In project settings form you can choose:

  • Location of the project
  • Product edition: Ibexa OSS,Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience, Ibexa Commerce
  • Authentication token (for Content, Experience and Commerce editions)
  • Product version: Default (latest LTS version), Latest (fast track or LTS), Latest LTS and "Next 3.x" (unstable, based on the 3.x branch) and "Next 4.x" (unstable, based on the 4.x branch)
  • Generate Ibexa Cloud configuration
  • Composer settings

Create a project

If you do not provide credentials for, the plugin uses the installation key and token password stored in global Composer configuration. Otherwise, it creates an auth.json file.

You can find details of the installation procedure in Composer log window.

File templates

The plugin provides the following built-in file templates:

Name Comment
Back Office tab Class implementing EzSystems\EzPlatformAdminUi\Tab\AbstractTab
Block event subscriber Event subscriber for BlockRenderEvents::getBlockPreRenderEventName(...) event
Command Symfony command that uses content repository
Composite Criterion Criterion class based on \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Query\Criterion\CompositeCriterion
Field definition form mapper Class implementing EzSystems\EzPlatformAdminUi\FieldType\FieldDefinitionFormMapperInterface
Field Type Field Type class based on eZ\Publish\SPI\FieldType\Generic\Type
Field Type Comparable Class implementing EzSystems\EzPlatformVersionComparison\FieldType\Comparable
Field Type Indexable Class implementing eZ\Publish\SPI\FieldType\Indexable
Field value form mapper Class implementing EzSystems\EzPlatformContentForms\FieldType\FieldValueFormMapperInterface
Field value object Field Type value class
Menu configuration event subscriber Event subscriber for EzSystems\EzPlatformAdminUi\Menu\Event\ConfigureMenuEvent::MAIN_MENU
Policy provider Class implementing eZ\Bundle\EzPublishCoreBundle\DependencyInjection\Security\PolicyProvider\PolicyProviderInterface
Policy provider (YAML) Policy provider class based on eZ\Bundle\EzPublishCoreBundle\DependencyInjection\Security\PolicyProvider\YamlPolicyProvider
Query Type Query Type class based on eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\OptionsResolverBasedQueryType
Schema builder subscriber Event subscriber for EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\Event\SchemaBuilderEvent::BUILD_SCHEMA event
SiteAccess-aware configuration SiteAccess-aware configuration definition class based on eZ\Bundle\EzPublishCoreBundle\DependencyInjection\Configuration\AbstractParser
Value object input parser REST input parser class based on EzSystems\EzPlatformRest\Input\BaseParser
Value object visitor REST value visitor class based on EzSystems\EzPlatformRest\Output\ValueObjectVisitor
Workflow action listener Workflow action listener class based on EzSystems\EzPlatformWorkflow\Event\Action\AbstractTransitionWorkflowActionListener

The templates are available in, for example, the context menu in Project window > New > Ibexa DXP.

The list of available file templates depends on the Ibexa DXP edition used by the project.

For all file templates you can customize:

  • class name
  • class namespace
  • file name
  • directory

File template

To customize file templates, go to File > Settings/Preferences > Editor > File and Code templates.


For more information about file templates, see JetBrains documentation.

Live templates

The plugin provides the following built-in live templates in Twig files:

Abbreviation Comment
ezcn ez_content_name
ezfd ez_field_description
ezfd? ez_field_description wrapped in an ez_field_is_empty check
ezfn ez_field_name
ezfn? ez_field_name wrapped in an ez_field_is_empty check
ezrc ez_render_content
ezrcq ez_render_content_query
ezrf ez_render_field
ezrf? ez_render_field wrapped in an ez_field_is_empty check
ezrl ez_render_location
ezrlq ez_render_location_query

and in PHP files:

Abbreviation Comment
ibx_create_c Create content
ibx_create_cd Create content draft
ibx_create_ct Create content type
ibx_find_c Create and execute content query
ibx_find_ci Create and execute content info query
ibx_find_l Create and execute location query
ibx_load_c Load content by ID
ibx_load_ci Load content info by ID
ibx_load_ct Load content type by identifier
ibx_load_l Load location by ID
ibx_param Get SiteAccess parameter value
ibx_pub Publish content draft
ibx_switch_user Switch user context
ibx_trans Repository transaction
ibx_update_c Update content
ibx_update_ct Update content type

To customize live templates, go to File > Settings/Preferences > Editor > Live Templates.


For more information about live templates, see JetBrains documentation.

Autocompletion in configuration files

Plugin provides autocompletion for Ibexa DXP configuration structure in YAML files placed in config/packages/.

Besides configuration structure, for the following YAML keys addition suggestions are available:

  • List of available view matchers, for:
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_view.<view_type>.<view_name>.match
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_create_view.<view_type>.<view_name>.match
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_edit_view.<view_type>.<view_name>.match
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_translate_view.<view_type>.<view_name>.match
  • List of available SiteAccess matchers, for:
    • ezplatform.siteaccess.match
  • List of available block attribute types, for:
    • ezplatform_page_fieldtype.blocks.<block_name>.attributes.<attribute_name>.type
  • List of available configuration scopes, for:
    • ezplatform
  • List of available siteaccess names, for:
    • ezplatform.siteaccess.default_siteaccess
    • ezplatform.siteaccess.groups
    • ezplatform.system.<scope>.translation_siteaccesses$
  • List of available design names, for:
    • ezdesign.design_list
    • ezplatform.system.<scope>.design
  • List of available repositories, for:
    • ezplatform.system.<scope>.repository
  • List of available search engines, for:
    • ezplatform.repositories.<repository>.search.engine
  • List of available custom tags, for:
    • ezplatform.system.<scope>.fieldtypes.ezrichtext.custom_tags
  • List of available view types, for:
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_view
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_create_view
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_edit_view
    • ezplatform.<scope>.content_translate_view

Structure autocompletion in DBAL schema file

Autocompletion is also available for DBAL schema file structure.

To enable autocompletion, you must place the file in the config directory and name it schema.yaml.

Dynamic settings autocompletion

Parameter names suggestions are available in \eZ\Publish\Core\MVC\ConfigResolverInterface::{hasParameter,getParameter} method calls.

Suggested results take into account namespace argument, if its value can be resolved without running interpreter (for example, string literal or const reference).

Query type name autocompletion

Query type name suggestions are available in \eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\QueryTypeRegistry::getQueryType method calls.

Suggestions are based on service definitions tagged as ezplatform.query_type.

Query type parameter autocompletion

Parameter name suggestions are available for Query types which implement the eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\QueryType interface or extend the eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\OptionsResolverBasedQueryType class in the following places:

  • \eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\QueryType::getQuery method calls
  • \eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\QueryType::getQuery method definition
  • \eZ\Publish\Core\QueryType\OptionsResolverBasedQueryType::doGetQuery method definition

Query Type parameter autocompletion

Intentions and inspections

The plugin also brings several new intentions and inspections (with related quick fixes where possible).

For example, when plugin detects deprecated configuration key usage, it marks the key as deprecated and suggests a replacement:


Known issues

It is not possible to create new project with Docker as PHP remote interpreter. See related JetBrains issue for more details.


You can report bugs and feature suggestions on by selecting the "PHPStorm plugin" component, or on the #phpstorm-plugin Ibexa Community Slack channel.