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Product rendering

The catalogElement object represents the product in catalog templates. Use it with the ses_render_field Twig function to render product Fields:

{{ ses_render_field(catalogElement, 'name') }}

Additional fields within the dataMap

A dataMap of the catalog element provides additional fields within some properties. The dataMap provides an array of objects which implement the FieldInterface. The ses_render_field() function can automatically use either a property of the catalog element, or a property from the dataMap.

If a property within the dataMap has the same name as another property of the CatalogElement, you can enforce using the property from the dataMap by using the enforce_datamap parameter.

For example: catalogElement has property price (which has a PriceField with value 1.00) and a PriceField price (value 2.00) within its dataMap.

{{ ses_render_field(catalogElement, 'price') }}

{{ ses_render_field(catalogElement, 'price', {"enforce_datamap": true}) }}

Supported Field Types

The dataMap provides Fields of the following Field Types:

  • TextLine
  • RichText
  • Image
  • BinaryFile
  • Checkbox
  • RelationList
  • SpecificationsType (for specificationdata only)
  • VariantType (for variants only)

To add more Field Types do the dataMap, you need to extend the catalog factory.

Getting a product by SKU

If you need to fetch a product in a template (e.g. in a basket), use the ses_product Twig function.

{% set product = ses_product({'sku': 999}) %}
Name: {{ }}
In case of products with variants, you also need to provide the variant code:

{% set product = ses_product({'sku': 999, 'variantCode': 9992 }) %}
Name: {{ }}


Parameter Required Description
sku yes The SKU of the product node
sub_tree_path no An optional subtree path, to search product nodes (default: /1/2 to search in the whole tree)
variantCode no An optional parameter if a given variant is returned

Product detail PDF

You can generate a PDF from the product detail page using a tool called wkhtmltopdf.

For security reasons, the PDF for product detail can only display general information that would be also visible for anonymous users. As a consequence, some details such as customer price cannot be displayed.

This is because wkhtmltopdf would need user data to generate user-specific PDFs. The user data would have to be attached to the URL and would be visible to everyone.


Use wkhtmltopdf in version 0.12.4 or higher to avoid issues with bugs present in earlier versions. For example, if your PDF output is too small, you may need to update wkhtmltopdf to a newer version.

You can generate a PDF in the command line by providing a URL of the product detail page, for example:

wkhtmltopdf --print-media-type <yourdomain>/Product/1234 <output_path>/product-detail.pdf