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Image variations

With image variations you can render different versions of one image by means of scaling, cropping and other filters.

Built-in image variations include four versions that provide the image at a specific scale: tiny, small, medium, and large.

You can also create custom image variations.

See Render images for an example of variation name usage as alias parameter when rendering an image field.

Custom image variations

Image variation configuration is SiteAccess-aware. Place it under the image_variations key per scope:

                    reference: null
                        <filter>: <parameters>

Variation name must be unique. It may contain characters, numbers, underscores (_) or hyphens (-), but no spaces.

Each variation takes the following parameters:

  • reference - (optional) name of a reference variation to base the variation on. If set to null or ~, the variation takes the original image for reference.
  • filters - array of variation filters and their parameters.

Available variation filters

Filter name Parameters Description
geometry/scaledownonly [width, height] Scales image down to fit the provided width/height. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scalewidthdownonly [width] Scales image down to fit the provided width. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleheightdownonly [height] Scales image down to fit the provided height. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scalewidth [width] Scales image width, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleheight [height] Scales image height, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scale [width, height] Scales image size to the provided width and height, both up and down. Preserves aspect ratio.
geometry/scaleexact [width, height] Scales image to exactly fit the provided width and height. Does not preserve aspect ratio.
geometry/scalepercent [widthPercent, heightPercent] Scales width and height by the provided percent values. Does not preserve aspect ratio.
geometry/crop [width, height, startX, startY] Crops the image. The result has the provided width/height, starting at the provided startX/startY
border [thickBorderX, thickBorderY, color=#000] Adds a border around the image. Thickness is defined in px. Color is #000 by default.
filter/noise [radius=0] Smooths the contours of an image (imagick/gmagick only). radius is in px.
filter/swirl [degrees=60] Swirls the pixels of the center of the image (imagick/gmagick only). degrees defaults to 60.
resize {size: [width, height]} Simple resize filter (provided by LiipImagineBundle).
colorspace/gray N/A Converts the image to grayscale.


After you change the image variation configuration, remove the existing variations with the liip:imagine:cache:remove command and provide the variation name:

php bin/console liip:imagine:cache:remove --filter=large

Next, clear the cache.

You can also remove all generated image variations:

php bin/console liip:imagine:cache:remove -v