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Product variant API


VariantService returns an OrderableVariantNode based on VariantProductNode and variantCode. It also returns all available variant codes for the VariantProductNode.

Service methods

Method Usage Parameters Returns
createOrderableProductFromVariant Returns OrderableVariantNode from VariantProductNode, so it can be added to a basket. VariantProductNode $node
string $variantCode
getVariantInformation Returns available variant codes for each given characteristic. If a variant is orderable it also returns its code. VariantProductNode $variantProduct
array $variants = array()


VariantProductNode is the virtual product which contains the data for all variants that can be ordered. Since this product has no specific price or stock which is assigned to its SKU, it cannot be added to the basket directly. It inherits from ProductNode and contains additional properties. These properties are automatically validated within the constructor by using the validateProperties() method.

Identifier Type Description
priceRange PriceField[2] Contains the min and max PriceField
variantCharacteristics VariantCharacteristicsInterface Contains all variant characteristics


OrderableVariantNode represents one specific, orderable variation. It is defined by its unique VariantCode or by the deterministic set of VariantCharacteristics. An OrderableVariantNode is intended to be added to a basket.

Variant characteristics

One VariantCharacteristic is a specific attribute of a VariantProduct that is distinctive and describes one aspect of the variant. A VariantProduct must have at least one VariantCharacteristic.

A characteristic has a class-unique identifier and a label that is a readable name for a characteristic, for example color with label Color.

Each possible characteristic value also has a code and a label, for example grn and Green respectively.

VariantPriceRange is a set of two prices which represent the lowest and the highest price of all variants. AjaxCatalogController:getPriceAction fetches real prices when a variant is fully specified (that is, all options are selected and variantCode is in place).


VariantSortService returns the product variants in an ordered form, so they can be displayed in a template.

Service methods

Method Usage Parameters Return Twig method
sortCharacteristicCodes Sorts the characteristic codes array $characteristicCodes
sortCharacteristics Sorts characteristics array $characteristics
array() sort_characteristics()
getCharacteristicsForB2B Gets information for B2B variant table VariantProductNode $catalogElement
array $order