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Basic user setup


In Ibexa DXP, users can log in with their user name or email. For more information, see Login methods.


Ibexa DXP provides different registration options for private and business customers. For more information, see Register new users.

Private customers

A private customer can register directly via the/register/private route.

A double opt-in process checks the email address, and then creates and activates the user.

You can decide that emails with the activation link are not sent to the customer, but to a different email address.

siso_core.default.user_activation_receiver: [email protected]

The email message contains the name of the user and a link to the user in the Back Office. To generate a correct link to the Back Office, configure related_admin_site_access:

siso_core.default.related_admin_site_access: 'admin'

To adapt the success message of the private registration, modify the text module with the identifier success_register_private.

Business customers

A business customer has two options to register:

  1. Apply for a new account - fill the business form and apply for an account via the /registration/choice route. The shop owner checks the provided data and creates a customer record in the ERP system.

  2. Activate an account - a business customer who already has a customer number can register using a customer number and an invoice number. The shop checks this data by sending a request to the ERP. There are two options:

    • activate a business account - the customer is created using their customer number and can immediately see their special discounts in the shop.
    • in Ibexa Commerce, create the main contact in Customer Center. If Customer Center is enabled, the company is created in the shop, and the account is created as the main contact.


You can specify the default Location ID for Users per SiteAccess:

siso_core.default.user_group_location: 106 106
siso_core.default.user_group_location.private: 106
siso_core.default.user_group_location.editor: 14

redirect_homepage configures the default list of URLs from which the user is redirected after login.

    - /login
    - /register
    - /registration
    - /password
    - /token
    - /change_password

Account activation email

When the info_email_after_user_activation parameter is set to true, the customer receives an email when the account is enabled using the activation link.

siso_core.default.info_email_after_user_activation: false

Template list

Path Description
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Forms/register_private.html.twig Form for private customer registration
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Forms/register_business.html.twig Form for business customer registration
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Forms/register_choice.html.twig Overview page for registration, which offers buttons for the different registration types (and activation of existing customers)
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Forms/activate_business.html.twig Form for activating existing customers
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Checkout/checkout_login.html.twig Login form in checkout
Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Security/login.html.twig Login form