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Add drag and drop

You can create a generic interface for drag and drop interactions that you can reuse in many places across the Back Office.

First, prepare the HTML code structure and place it in a Twig template. See the example:

<div class="items-container" data-placeholder="HTML template for placeholder"></div>

To initialize a drag and drop interface, add a JavaScript Code that comes with the template following the convention:

const draggable = new window.eZ.core.Draggable({
        itemsContainer: HTMLElement of .items-container,
        selectorItem: String,
        selectorPlaceholder: String,

For more information on creating Twig templates, see Templating basics.

Configuration options

Full list of options:

Option Description Required
itemsContainer Reference to DOM node containing a draggable item. required
selectorItem CSS selector of a draggable item. required
selectorPlaceholder CSS selector of a placeholder. required
afterInit Callback function invoked after interface initialization. optional
afterDragStart Callback function invoked after starting to drag. optional
afterDragOver Callback function invoked after moving onto a droppable element. optional
afterDrop Callback function invoked after dropping an element. optional
attachCustomEventHandlersToItem Function to be invoked while attaching event handlers to every item in the item's container. Item of HTMLElement type is passed to the function as the first param. optional