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Form API

PreDataProcessor and DataProcessors

The main services for form services are preDataProcessor and dataProcessors. Both implement the AbstractDataProcessor, so the services must implement the execute() method.

Every form entity is a custom class, therefore, when the form is passed to AbstractDataProcessor, it is encapsulated and passed in a NormalizedEntity $formEntity.

Every implementation of the AbstractDataProcessor can get and set the form data from/in the original form. Every implementation must return lastResult.

Every dataProcessor can get/update the results of the previous dataProcessors that are stored in lastResult. Every dataProcessor can set an additional error message that is displayed for the user if the process is not successful.

Form validators

Besides standard Symfony validators, Ibexa DXP offers additional validators.

ZIP validator

The ZIP code validation rules are different for each country. To define the different code pattern for each ZIP code a new service is defined.


This validator validates the ZIP code based on the submitted country. If you want to use this validator in your project, make sure that your Form contains the country attribute.

The validator takes the pattern by country from the configuration, and compares it with the value in the form. Country codes, pattern and code rules are defined in ses_patern_zip.yml.

Email validator

A custom email validator extends the standard Symfony validation.


NonExistingEmailValidator checks if a user with the given email already exists.

User searching

You can set the Location where Users are contained in the following configuration:

ses_ez_helper.default.parent_location_id_users_members: 12

Phone/fax number validator

A phone and/or fax validator verifies a valid number format. The following formats are supported:

  • 0123456789
  • +490123456789
  • +49-0123456789
  • 030-1234567
  • 030/1234567
  • +4930/1234567
  • 0123 456 789 (spaces)

The following regex allows all combinations of 0-9, +, - and /, if minimum and maximum length fit.


You can define the minimum and maximum length for the validator:

    min: 9
    max: 15

VAT number validator

VatNumberValidator checks if the VAT number for commercial customers inside the European Union is valid. The VIES web-service (SOAP) of the European Commission is used. A condition for validation is that the VAT number contains a country code.