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MapLocationDistance Criterion

The MapLocationDistance Search Criterion searches content based on the distance between the location contained in a MapLocation Field and the provided coordinates.


  • target - string representing the Field definition identifier
  • operator - Operator constant (IN, EQ, GT, GTE, LT, LTE, BETWEEN)
  • distance - float(s) representing the distances between the map location in the Field and the location provided in latitude and longitude arguments
  • latitude - float representing the latitude of the location to calculate distance to
  • longitude - float representing the longitude of the location to calculate distance to

The distance argument requires:

  • a list of floats for Operator::IN or Operator::BETWEEN
  • a single float for other Operators


The MapLocationDistance Criterion is not available in Repository filtering.


$query->query = new Criterion\MapLocationDistance('location', Criterion\Operator::LTE, 5, 51.395973, 22.531696);