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Checkout summary form

CheckoutSummary (Ibexa\Platform\Commerce\Checkout\Form\CheckoutSummary) extends AbstractFormEntity and manages the HTML form for order summary in checkout process.


Name Description Assertions
termsAndConditions "Terms and conditions" Checkbox field boolean
not blank
comment Optional user comment/remark string
length, max = 255
forceStep true if the user wants to force moving to next step with event errors boolean


See configuration for checkout forms.

Form Type

Ibexa\Platform\Commerce\Checkout\Form\CheckoutSummaryType (service ID: siso_checkout.form_entity.checkout_summary_type) implements the setup for this form.

This class is defined as a service to take advantage of other services, such as TransService, and to be able to read configuration settings.


The scope of this service is set to prototype. A new instance of Siso\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\Form\Type\CheckoutSummaryType is created every time this service is called.