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FullText Criterion

The FullText Search Criterion searches for content based on the full text content of its Fields.


  • value - string to search for

Supported syntax

Feature Elasticsearch Apache Solr Legacy Search Engine (SQL)
Boolean operators:
AND (&&), OR ( ||), NOT (!)
No* Yes No**
Require/exclude operators: +, - No Yes No
Grouping with parentheses No Yes No
Phrase search with double quotes No Yes No
Asterisks (*) as wildcards No Yes Yes, limited***

* When using the Elasticsearch search engine, a full text query performs an OR query by default, while the OR and AND operators return unexpected results.

** When using the Legacy search engine, a full text query performs an OR query.

*** Asteriks may only be located at the beginning or end of a query.


The FullText Criterion is not available in Repository filtering.


$query->query = new Criterion\FullText('victory');

Using double quotes to indicate a phrase:

$query->query = new Criterion\FullText('"world cup"');

Using the AND operator and parenthesis to search for both words at the same time:

$query->query = new Criterion\FullText('baseball AND cup');

Use cases

Assume the following search query:

$query->query = new Criterion\FullText('(cup AND ba*ball) "breaking news"');

It will return content containing phrases such as "Breaking news", "Baseball world cup", "Basketball cup", or "Breaking news: Baseball world cup victory".

It will not return content with phrases such as "Football world cup" or "Breaking sports news".