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Form templates

Template list

Template Description
register_business.html.twig Renders the business registration form
register_private.html.twig Renders the private registration form
activate_business.html.twig Renders the account activation form for existing customers
my_account.html.twig Renders the update my account data form
buyer.html.twig Renders the update the buyer address form
invoice.html.twig Renders the update the invoice address form
password_change.html.twig Renders the change password form
password_reminder.html.twig Renders the forgot password form
cancellation.html.twig Renders the online cancellation form (RMA)
contact.html.twig Renders the contact us form
Subtemplate Description
party.html.twig Renders the party form attributes
custom_form_label.html.twig Renders custom template for the form label

To define a route to a form, pass the formTypeResolver as a parameter:

<a href="{{ path('silversolutions_service', {'formTypeResolver': 'registration_private'}) }}">{{ 'msg.register_here'|st_translate }}</a>