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Payment in Ibexa DXP depends on the JMSPaymentCoreBundle.


If JMSPaymentCoreBundle is not installed due to composer dependencies, install it manually.

The following payment providers are available out of the box:

Payment provider Code used in Basket
Invoice invoice
PayPal Express paypal_express_checkout

Activating payment options

You implement individual payment options / payment methods in Symfony bundles. As soon as they are registered in the kernel, they are displayed in the checkout payment form. The respective options are registered in the checkout form and must fulfill some requirements:

  • The bundle must define a form type service.
  • The form type must define the payment.method_form_type tag.
  • The form type must define the form.type tag with an alias attribute that is used as text in the payment choice.

You define the compiler pass in the checkout bundle: Ibexa\Platform\Bundle\Commerce\Checkout\DependencyInjection\Compiler\PaymentMethodsPass