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Shipping payment form

Model Class

CheckoutShippingPayment (Ibexa\Platform\Commerce\Checkout\Form\CheckoutShippingPayment) extends AbstractFormEntity and implements CheckoutAddressInterface.


Name Description Assertions
shippingMethod Method for shipping String
Not blank
paymentMethod Method for payment String
Not blank
forceStep true if the user wants to force moving to the next step with event errors Boolean


You set the parameters in the configuration for checkout forms.

Form Type

Ibexa\Platform\Commerce\Checkout\Form\Type\CheckoutShippingPaymentType (service ID: siso_checkout.form_entity.checkout_shipping_payment_type) implements the setup for this form.

This class is defined as a service to take advantage from TransService.


The scope of this service is set to prototype. A new instance of CheckoutShippingPaymentType is created every time this service is called.


Main template EshopBundle/Resources/views/Checkout/checkout_shipping_payment.html.twig