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Developers or administrators with access to Ibexa DXP installation directory can configure the product to enable hosting multiple websites in one installation. It takes several lines of code to set up an instance that supports multiple brands, languages, etc.

This way, you can let both users and end-users who come from different departments or countries access the same assets or resources. For example, promotional graphics can be used on both a public website and a partner portal, while product specifications can be accessed from storefronts for different markets. The same applies to any content stored in the repository.

Once multisite support is enabled, you can use Site Factory to create separate websites.


In Ibexa DXP, a website definition is called SiteAccess. Once a website is created, website configuration, content language version, page design, content presentation, URL aliases etc. can be configured per SiteAccess. These settings are then used by the application when users access the site through a specific address.

For in-depth information, see Multisite in the developer documentation.