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Work with availability and stock

Products can be unavailable or available, either in certain quantity or with infinite stock. Being available translates into being offered for purchase.

You can control the product's availability, and the available stock. When setting stock, you can set the exact number of pieces, or indicate that stock is infinite, for example, for digital, downloadable products.

If a product has variants, you must set availability and stock for each variant separately.

Set product availability

To control the availability and stock, in product or product variant view, go to Availability tab.

Product availability

Then, click Create to add availability to a product that doesn't have it, or Edit to modify existing availability settings.

Use the Available switcher to indicate whether the product is currently available in the catalog.

You can also set the exact number of products available in stock. Set the availability to Infinite if specific stock number is not tracked. You can use it, for example, for digital, downloadable products.

Setting product availability and stock