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Product types

Product types are templates that contain a combination of Fields and attributes which constitute a product definition. By default, product types contain such Fields as name, specification, image, or category. You can modify them as required. You need different product types, because products of type "Laptops" contain different Fields and attributes than those of type "White appliances".

When you create a new product type, you can choose between two available product type flavors: Physical and Virtual:

  • Physical - tangible products. They can use measurement attributes. They require shipment in the online purchase process. Examples: heaters, laptops, phones.
  • Virtual - non-tangible items. They can be sold individually, or as part of a product bundle. They don't require shipment in the online process. Examples: memberships, services, warranties.

A product type also defines both the attributes and VAT rates for all its products.

When a product type is created, you can review its fields, attributes, and VAT rate settings on the product type's details screen, without having to open it for editing.

VAT rates in product type's details view

If your user Role has the ProductType/Edit permission, you can modify product types and add individual attributes or attribute groups.


Attributes describe product characteristics. Customers can use them to filter and search for products. Attribute types define what kind of information you can store in an attribute. Typical product attribute examples include dimensions, weight, color, or format.

For more information, see Work with product attributes.